Directors: Pastors Donovan & Cynthia Woodruff


This dynamic duo has been married for thirty-one years and are the proud parents of three amazing children. They pastored Holy Zion Church in Providence, RI, for twenty-years. Donovan and Cynthia are both ordained Elders and are actively serving the United Holy Church of American - New England District in various leadership capacities; they attended The United Christian Bible Institute and the New England Bible Institute in Hartford, CT. Their studies include Church Administration & Leadership and Pastoral and Biblical Counseling. Donovan is gifted in the ministries of evangelism, healing, and the prophetic; Cynthia is gifted in teaching and women’s ministries. The Woodruff’s are well sought after speakers, and workshop and retreat clinicians with the belief that strong families yield strong communities and churches. For many years this duo hosted Couples Retreats throughout the New England region. Donovan and Cynthia are a uniquely equipped team who endeavors to impact lives and relationships for the Kingdom; they are passionate about advancing the people of God to achieve greatness in this life, through love and truth.


Together we will explore the major themes of Paul’s letter to the Church of Galatia which will include: Freedom in Grace, Christ’s Love being fully formed in our hearts, Faith activated and perfected by Love, and Encouraging one another to LIVE (Living Intentionally and Victoriously Everyday) for God. Keyholders meets on the first Sunday of each month. If you would like to join KeyHolders or would like more information, please contact us through the form below.