of Restoration Church RI


REZ Youth meets every Thursday night at 7p in the Youth Center @ the end of the parking lot of the North Providence Campus.

It is a place where youth between the ages of 12 and 18 can come and hear the Truth with relevance and credibility, develop real relationships with God and each other, reach their community, develop into the person God wants them to be, and blend their talents and abilities together with other youth to be used by God.

Youth Pastor, Josiah Callender

Youth Pastor:

Hi, I'm Josiah Callender, the Rez Youth Pastor. My wife Kaylee and I attended Northpoint Bible College where we met in 2018. I have been serving Jesus since I got saved at the age of seven and I have been living for Him ever since.
I am passionate about making an impact in the lives of young people because I know the impact that my youth pastors had on me. Growing up I had many great mentors in the church who helped shape me into the man I am today.
Knowing that my life has been changed forever by my pastors, I feel that it is my calling to have the same impact on other young people.