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Whether you're on vacation or just tired of dealing with checks, you can give online through Paypal. Just click on the Donate link for either tithes and offerings or to give tomissions and PayPal will walk you through the rest of the way.

Please Note: If you are giving a tithe and offering at the same time, an amount breakdown will be needed. Just fill out the "Purpose" space on the top of the PayPal Donation page.

Thank You!


While we realize that credit cards can be used with PayPal, we prefer you use your debit card only. Through experience, we have learned that for some people it can be a challenge to manage credit card bills. We would never want to see people put into a position of creating too much debt - more than they can handle whether via tithes or anything else - on credit cards. We sincerely appreciate your donation. However, the Church Board reserves the right to redirect funds to the ministry in most need.

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